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Warwick Warp AFIS SDK

Designed for large AFIS and civil ID applications where the highest levels of accuracy and speed are required.

A scalable fingerprint enrolment and matching product designed for highly accurate large-scale AFIS fingerprint matching applications.

Warwick Warp's innovative new technology improves matching accuracy of low quality fingerprints helping to reduce the costs and consequences associated with failure to match and failure to enrol errors in an AFIS installation. This unique matching technology can be implemented as the primary matcher or as part of a multi-path approach, either in a fusion strategy or where the lowest quality images can be channelled to it. It can also be used as a secondary system, matching images that have failed to match or as part of a database integrity checking system.

With biometric identification set to become ever more important, this new approach to identification is a major innovation and has the potential to spearhead the next generation of fast, accurate fingerprint systems and guide Warwick Warp to achieve its vision of providing a zero error biometric system.

  • Independent benchmarking by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and the National Institute for Science and Technology (NIST) shows that this SDK provides market-leading accuracy.
  • Highly scalable, maintaining its performance as the print database increases in size and is therefore suitable for large scale AFIS applications.
  • Incorporates Warwick Warp's patented technology for modelling and enhancing low quality fingerprints.
  • Aligns each fingerprint as part of the enrolment process so that stored images are all pre-aligned, which enables faster 1:1 and 1:N matching speeds.
  • Designed to be added to existing systems as part of a fusion strategy or a secondary system to perform independent and secondary database integrity check for database cleansing and discovery of duplicate identities or matches not previously found.
  • Easily incorporated into an existing AFIS or biometrics system to reduce failure-to-enrol (FTE) and failure-to-match (FTM) rates minimising throughput time and associated costs for any biometric installation.

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