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NIST ranks Warwick Warp amongst world leaders for fingerprint accuracy

Finger PrintWarwick Warp Ltd, a UK-based developer of novel fingerprint recognition technology is pleased to announce that it has achieved the third highest rank in an evaluation of fingerprint matching systems conducted by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). The National Institute of Standards and Technology's Proprietary Fingerprint Template (PFT) evaluation is an ongoing program to measure the performance of fingerprint matching software by utilising vendor proprietary fingerprint templates.

This announcement follows another success for Warwick Warp who, three months ago announced that it achieved the third highest rank in an independently administered technology evaluation of latent fingerprint feature-based matching systems, also conducted by NIST. This represented Warwick Warp's first benchmark submission of a product which is specifically aimed at latent (low quality) prints and it was immediately ranked third highest worldwide for performance accuracy.

The purpose of the Proprietary Fingerprint Technology (PFT) Test conducted by NIST is to evaluate fingerprint recognition algorithms using vendor-supplied software development kits (SDKs). The NIST PFT test is a rigorous measure of the accuracy of a particular fingerprint recognition algorithm. The results that are obtained from such tests give potential customers an idea of how well commercial products perform against each other for one-to-one matching for a variety of applications.

Andrew Waterfall, CEO of Warwick Warp commented "We are extremely pleased with Warwick Warp's performance in the NIST PFT test, especially as the results of such a test enable prospective customers to choose the best biometrics solutions for their needs."

Finger Print"Test results from NIST are universally accepted as the measurement of standard for biometric SDKs and we are delighted to be ranked fourth globally, particularly as we faced such strong competition from leading players in the biometrics industry. Warwick Warp has always prided itself on the accuracy of its system but the recognition that the results of the NIST PFT test gives us will stand us in good stead as we ramp up our commercial activity", stated Dr Li Wang, CTO of Warwick Warp.

Terry Swainbank, Investment Director for Synergis Technologies, part of the Porton Capital group added "We invested in Warwick Warp because we felt that not does its technology provide market leading accuracy but also can improve the speed of the fingerprint recognition process. We are particularly proud of Warwick Warp's ability to produce a system that rivals the accuracy of the very large global AFIS vendors".

Warwick Warp Ltd, a spinout company from the University of Warwick, has developed a novel fingerprint recognition technology based on the shortcomings of current systems such as their inability to deal with poor quality fingerprints.

Warwick Warp's algorithms overcome these shortcomings by applying an adaptive mathematical model to model the ridge structures as well as allowing for both linear and non-linear deformation in the measurement. The algorithms are designed to deal effectively with low quality fingerprints to produce images that can be matched with greater accuracy.


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